Vol. 27 (2021), part 4

DOI: 10.35595/2414-9179-2021-4-27

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Table of Contents

Maps and GIS in agriculture and land use

Mapping dynamics of agricultural land use in the dry steppe zone of the Northern Кazakhstan PDF (Rus)
Vorobyova T.A., Smagulov Y.N.
Changes in the hydrographic characteristics of rivers in steppe agrolandscapes over the past decades (on the example of the Beysug river, Krasnodar territory) PDF (Rus)
Pogorelov A.V., Lipilin D.A., Kiselev E.N.
Analysis of the impact of the relief on the soil structure in Smolensk region PDF (Rus)
Vatlina T.V., Evdokimov S.P.
Cartographic analysis of the components of the agricultural landscape in the formation of sustainable land management in the context of land degradation Volgograd region PDF (Rus)
Denisova E.V.
GIS support for monitoring agricultural land in the land management system (on the example of the Volgograd region) PDF (Rus)
Denisova E.V., Silova V.A.
GIS-based support for precision farming on the example of the Tyumen region PDF (Rus)
Bryzhko I.V., Shabalina T.V.
Assessment of agricultural land plots using a risk-based approach based on geoinformation technologies PDF (Rus)
Bondar E.V., Skripchinsky A.V., Burym Y.V., Movsesova V.V.
Assessment of the protective potential of the Moscow region soil cover to contamination with heavy metals and metalloids PDF (Rus)
Alyabina I.O., Chernova O.V., Kirillova V.A., Golozubov O.M., Shoba S.A.
GIS-analysis of the old-developed region’s land use structure for the purposes of ecological framework design (on example of the Belgorod region) PDF (Rus)
Luzhkov R.S., Pakina A.A.
Application of areal interpolation methods when determining zones of potential fertility of soils of agricultural lands PDF (Rus)
Klebanovich N.V., Kindeev A.L., Kizeeva V.S.
Application of the radiocesium method and morphometric relief indicators to the calculation of soil loss intensity on plowed slopes in the Sukhaya Orlitsa river basin PDF (Rus)
Trofimetz L.N., Panidi E., Chaadaeva N.N., Sankova E.A., Ivaneha T.L., Tyapkina A.P., Saraeva A.M., Alexandrova A.P., Barkalov A.O., Stepanpva V.I., Lavrusevich A.A.
Analysis of overgrowing of agricultural lands on the Perm region based on Landsat satellite images PDF (Rus)
Belousova A.P., Bryzhko I.V.
The use of morphometric indicators of the relief for soil mapping of around plants in the conditions of the middle taiga in the northern part of the Perm region PDF (Rus)
Chashchin A.N., Samofalova I.A., Mudrykh N.M.

Maps and GIS in population and public health research

Environmental assessment of the territories on the example of municipalities of the Smolensk region PDF (Rus)
Tikunov V.S., Vatlina T.V.
Assessment of Moscow population vulnerability to natural and technogenic hazards PDF (Rus)
Badina S.V., Babkin R.A.
Development of the information retrieval system to analyze the dynamics of the formation of settlements network PDF (Rus)
Lisetskii F.N., Ilyashenko S.V., Buryak Z.A.
Medico-geoinformaton system for suicide prevention among adolescents PDF (Eng)
Savin S.Z., Kosykh N.E.
Transformation of rural settlement and sustainability of rural development in the region PDF (Rus)
Tikhii V.I., Koreva O.V.
Spot development of residential purpose objects as a method for solving territorial problems (on the example of the city of Kazan) PDF (Rus)
Fedorova V.A., Safina G.R., Zaripova S.N.
Atlas of oncological mapping of Russia PDF (Rus)
Kotova T.V., Malkhazova S.M.
Mapping of transformation processes in the ethnodemographic space of the Crimea PDF (Rus)
Voronin I.N., Sikach K.Yu., Sazonova G.V., Shvets A.B.
Territorial aspects of incidence of child population of the Murmansk region PDF (Rus)
Martynova A.A., Pryanichnikov S.V.
Determination of the level of regional morbidity of the population based on data on anthropogenic load PDF (Eng)
Martynova A.A., Mikhaylov R.E., Pryanichnikov S.V.
GIS analysis of regional features of reproduction of the population in Kaluga region PDF (Rus)
Esikova V.O.
Genome instability as an indicator of environmental state in the Murmansk region PDF (Rus)
Pozharskaya V.V.
GIS-monitoring of modern transformation of the demographic structure of regions and large cities of the South of the european part of Russia PDF (Rus)
Cherkasov A.A., Sopnev N.V., Panin A.N.
Mapping subregional types of population dynamics of Irkutsk region PDF (Rus)
Vorobyev N.V., Vorobyev A.N.
Geoinformation analysis of the spatial structure of the Stavropol agglomeration PDF (Rus)
Panin A.N., Eshrokov V.M., Makhmudov R.K., Verosub N.V.
Open Data for web-mapping the dynamic of population of Uzbekistan PDF (Eng)
Gulyamova L.X., Rakhmonov D.N.
Spatial analysis of international student immigration in Russia PDF (Rus)
Soloviev I.A., Fryer P.J., Shchitova N.A., Belozerov V.S.

Cartographic and geoinformation methods for solving problems of historical geography and cultural heritage preserving

Historic-geographical evolution of Bessarabia on the data of the old maps PDF (Rus)
Paskary E.G., Herzen A.A.
Monitoring of historical and cultural heritage objects based on modern information technologies PDF (Rus)
Arkhipova O.E., Semenova O.V., Afanasenko V.I., Podoyan E.I.
Analysis of the reflection of the most important events of the XVI–XIX centuries in the names of rural of the Ruza district of the Moscow province, used in the documents and applied to cartographic materials PDF (Rus)
Krassowski A.P.
Electronic ethnocultural and landscape atlas of the Pskov region as an educational geoinformational resource PDF (Rus)
Manakov A.G., Vampilova L.B., Sokolova A.A.
Local ethnic groups of Anabar district: mapping of ethnonyms in order to preserve historical and cultural heritage PDF (Rus)
Filippova V.V.
The “Country of cities” web-GIS: development experience and approaches used in creating a history-oriented geoportal PDF (Rus)
Gafurov A.M., Usmanov B.M., Yermolayev O.P., Gubaidullin A.M., Khomyakov P.V., Gainullin I.I.
Mysteries of Vasilkov on the Dniester: history, geography, toponymy, architecture PDF (Rus)
Herzen A.A., Kostovska S.K., Nesterova T.P.
Usage of cartographic methods in place-name study (history of the problem and actual research) PDF (Rus)
Gordova Y.Yu., Herzen O.A., Herzen A.A., Kostovska S.K.