Vol. 27 (2021), part 1

DOI: 10.35595/2414-9179-2021-1-27

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GIS and cartographic support of ecological, economic and social aspects of sustainable development of territories

Тhe Russian strategy of spatial development: trends and realities PDF (Eng)
Panin A.N., Radvanyi J., Tikunov V.S., Proskurin V.S.
Regulatory and documentary standards of the sustainable development of urban agglomerations in the Russian Federation PDF (Rus)
Belozerov V.S., Shchitova N.A., Sopnev N.V.
Development of an educational concept for geospatial industry within the core digital economy technologies PDF (Rus)
Poshivaylo Y.G., Kolesnikov A.A.
Assessment of the potential of Russian it industry clusterization, 2005–2018 PDF (Rus)
Pankratov A.A., Musaev R.A., Badina S.V.
The experience of mapping geopolitical aspects of sustainable development of Crimea PDF (Rus)
Shvets A.B., Yakovenko I.M., Yakovlev A.N.
Conducting tourist and recreational expertise for the sustainable development of tourism in the Razdolnensky district of the Republic of Crimea PDF (Rus)
Nikanorova A.D., Tikunova I.N., Shabalina N.V.
Cartographic support for the organization of operational actions in the flood zone on the basis of operational reports of regional management bodies inemergency situations PDF (Rus)
Karmanova M.V., Komissarova E.V.
Assessment of sustainable development of the coastal zone of the Sea of Azov (Russian sector) based on an integral approach PDF (Rus)
Arkhipova O.E., Chernogubova E.A., Tarasova T.T., Arkhipova K.E.
Mapping of ecosystem services in the Kolkheti National park (Georgia) based on their ecological-economic assessment PDF (Rus)
Kozlov S.M., Krasovskaya T.M., Gordeziani T.P., Maglakelidze R.V.
Methodology for determining the landscape potential for the development of recreational environmental use (on the example of the urban district of the Kislovodsk resort city) PDF (Rus)
Verozub N.V., Proskurin V.S., Makhmudov R.K.
Assessment of recreational potential of Croatian-Bosnian area of Dinaric highlands PDF (Rus)
Smirnov A.A.
Cartographic and geoinformational support for development of green urban planning in the Republic of Belarus PDF (Rus)
Kurlovich D.M., Usova I.P., Sysoyeva V.A.
Environmental conditions: definition, indicators, mapping PDF (Rus)
Tikunov V.S., Kotova T.V., Belousov S.K.
Estimation of transport flow intensity using geoinformation systems PDF (Rus)
Bitykova V.R., Mozgunov N.A.
Geoinformation support for studying the location of foreign TNC in global cities PDF (Rus)
Abramov S.S., Sluka N.A.
Network information resources as a tool for mediatization of the Arctic PDF (Rus)
Kokhanova L.A., Golovko S.B., Alekseeva T.S., Chereshneva U.E., Gubanova M.I., Gribok M.V.
Impact areas of the Russian Arctic: development prospects PDF (Rus)
Evseev A.V., Krasovskaya T.M., Chereshnia O.Yu.
Environmental load from use of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency mining in Russia PDF (Rus)
Chereshnia O.Yu.

Remote methods in Earth research

Local landscaping development assessment in Nur-Sultan based on 3d models constructed with the application of unmanned aircraft PDF (Rus)
Akynzhanov T.B., Dekhnich V.S., Bitykova V.R.
Use of high-resolution images in local area management tasks PDF (Rus)
Erunova M.G., Gosteva A.A.
The possibilities of comparing for multitemporal imagery of various resolution under the northern river deltas dynamics investigation PDF (Rus)
Kravtsova V.I.
Geoinformation analysis of variability state of the natural environment after eruption of the Chikurachki volcano by remote sensing data PDF (Rus)
Verkhoturov A.A., Melkiy V.A.
Lidar virtual models for seismic exploration PDF (Rus)
Rylskiу I.A.
Maping of faults on territory of the North Sakhalin plain by remote sensing data PDF (Rus)
Kuptsova O.V., Verkhoturov A.A., Melkiy V.A.
Beach ridges detection on the Dolgaya Spit based on remote sensing data PDF (Rus)
Kulygin V.V., Misirov S.A.
The use of a software and hardware complex created on the basis of unmanned aerial vehiclesand GIS technologies for monitoring the erosion processes of the water protection zone of the Belgorod reservoir PDF (Rus)
Kosolapov A.E., Skripka G.I., Ivlieva O.V., Bespalova L.A.
Methods for studying the morphology of abrasion-accumulative coast of the West coast of the Crimea using UAV and GNSS (on the example of a land of the territory of Great Sevastopol) PDF (Rus)
Suchilin A.A., Belay N.I., Voskresensky I.S., Mikheeva S.N., Zorina V.V., Ushakova L.А., Shaforostov V.М., Sokratov S.A.
Monitoring of specially protected natural territories of forest-steppe landscapes of the Stavropol upland by means of remote sensing data PDF (Rus)
Shahbazyan T.Z.
Application of laser scanning technology to control the state of protective constructions when transferring oil products PDF (Rus)
Altyntsev M.A., Altyntseva M.A.
Analysis of snow cover pollution in Arctic cities based on satellite albedo measurements PDF (Rus)
Mikhaylyukova P.G., Petrakov D.A., Tutubalina O.V., Zimin M.V., Vikulina M.A.
Assessment of the size of very small glaciers in Khibiny mountains PDF (Rus)
Vikulina M.A., Zimin M.V., Romanenko F.А.
Remote sensing methods in the study of fractional vegetation cover of fallow lands PDF (Rus)
Poletaev A.O.