Creation of a scientific and educational geoportal of the Buryat State University

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About the Author

Marina V. Tsydypova

Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education “Buryat State University named after Dorzhi Banzarov”,
Smolina 24a, 670000, Ulan-Ude, Russia;


The article discusses the structure, content and methodology of developing a scientific and educational geoportal created for the Buryat State University named after Dorji Banzarova, based on NextGIS software.

The methodology of creating an educational geoportal includes the following main stages: development of the structure and content of the geoportal, collection, creation and adaptation of cartographic materials for publication on the geoportal, filling the geoportal with data, creating web maps, setting up the user interface, styles, scales and setting access rights to the geoportal.

It includes Earth remote sensing data, digital cartographic materials for various disciplines and areas of study and related databases (cultural, historical, tourist, economic and other educational materials).

Geoportal provides the possibility to collect, store, present, spatial analysis of geospatial and statistical data, as well as upload your data (cartographic, statistical, photographs, etc.), create, edit and prepare online new maps and databases for using in educational and research activities.

One of the sections of the geoportal is the basis for creating an electronic herbarium of the university. It is a web map of herbarium collection sites and associated description database, as well as scanned images of herbarium sheets. The electronic herbarium allows remote access to the materials of the university herbarium.

The geoportal is developed on the basis of NextGIS software, which includes: NextGIS Web (server GIS for storing, regulating access to geodata and services), NextGIS QGIS (full-featured desktop GIS for data creation, analytics, creating maps) and NextGIS Mobile (mobile application (Android) with unlimited data layers, editing and customizable input forms).


scientific and educational geoportal, web-GIS, data base, NextGIS.


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