DOI: 10.24057/2414-9179-2017-3-23-111-119

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About the Author

A. V. Skripchinsky

North-Caucasian Federal University, Institute of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
Russian Federation
355009, Stavropol, Pushkin st 1


The article considers the main types of space monitoring carried out in the North-Caucasian Federal University. Based on publicly available and accepted at your own station space images are various types of monitoring in the interests of regulatory bodies are being performed: subsoil and land use, erosion and forests. Monitoring studies are based on retrospective analysis. The paper presents the results of two types of monitoring studies. Based on open data of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of Stavropol Region the space monitoring of subsoil use was carried out. These data formed the basis of the generated geographic databases for all public mineral deposits of the region, which was complemented by information on the development of subsoil on the basis of the Spot 6/7 images for 2015-2016. In some objects at the request of the legal authorities in-depth monitoring with an increased number of time simples was carried out. According to the results of monitoring observations the main problems have been revealed – relating both to the violation of borders and the incompleteness of the basic characteristics of the land. In the interests of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Region on the basis of cartographic material of the databank about the availability of lands from 1992 the land use monitoring has been implemented. The example of one of the region farms was used to develop a methodology for the identification of transformed natural grasslands and defining the time period of these changes. The identified area of cultivated pastures will allow one to estimate the amount of harvest received from these lands. The role and the quality of the original map data have been defined and the method for their substitution on the basis of space information has been proposed.


space monitoring, subsoil use, land use


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For citation: Skripchinsky A.V. EXPERIENCE OF MONITORING RESEARCH ON THE BASIS OF SPACE INFORMATION IN THE NORTH-CAUCASIAN FEDERAL UNIVERSITY. Proceedings of the International conference “InterCarto. InterGIS”. 2017;23(3):111–119 DOI: 10.24057/2414-9179-2017-3-23-111-119 (in Russian)