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About the Authors

V. V. Dolotov

Marine Hydrophysical Institute RAN
Russian Federation
299003, Kapitanskaya st, 2, Sevastopol

A. V. Dolotov

Marine Hydrophysical Institute RAN
Russian Federation
299003, Kapitanskaya st, 2, Sevastopol


The article considers new version of the Internet implementation of the interactive information system “Crimea Coasts” based on the use of the Javascript in conjunction with the open library Leaflet and vector formats for the oceanographic data presentation. The first current system version includes a complete set of materials of published earlier monograph “The Current State of the Crimean Seashores”, implemented as interactive maps. In contrast to the printed version, interactive maps allow one to obtain data about the length of individual coast sections, the areas of coastal objects, and other characteristic data. It is expected that further system development will be performed with the wide using of modern vector graphics technologies, such as GeoDjango, C3- D3, Dojo and other add-ons over Javascript modules. The main attention will be given to the operational presentation of the results of nature observations and the assessment of the dynamics of the Crimea coastal zone as a whole. Variants of this approach have now been implemented on the basis of data on the measurement of the position of the coastline of the north-west Crimea coast. In addition, the system has reserved sections both for the basics and results of the implementation of a previously developed algorithm of the beaches cadastral assessment, including their recreational areas, the economic evaluation of recreational resources, as well as the results of a complex interdisciplinary monitoring of the ecological status of the Sevastopol Bay since 1998, including the geoinformation cartographic representation of the region elements. The monitoring results allow one to realize the visualization of the spatial distributions for the hydrological, hydrochemical and hydrobiological characteristics of the bay marine environment in a user-specified digital format, as well as to perform vertical distributions and some calculations. It is planned to put the final materials on the official site of the MHI.


Crimea, seashore, nature investigations, geoinformation systems, Internet-technology.


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For citation: Dolotov V.V., Dolotov A.V. PERSPECTIVES OF INTERNET-IMPLEMENTATION OF OCEANOGRAPHIC INFORMATION SYSTEMS. Proceedings of the International conference “InterCarto. InterGIS”. 2017;23(2):182-192.