Short-period internal waves on the steep shelf of the Вlack sea in summer 2018

DOI: 10.35595/2414-9179-2021-3-27-98-107

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About the Authors

Elizaveta E. Khimchenko

Shirshov Institute of Oceanology, Russian Academy of Sciences,
Nakhimovskii prospect, 36, 117997, Moscow, Russia;

Andrey N. Serebryany

Andreyev Acoustics Institute,
Shvernika st., 4, 117036, Moscow, Russia;

Anastasia A. Konukhova

Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (National Research University),
Institutskiy per. 9, 141701, Dolgoprudny, Moscow Region, Russia;


The results of the analysis of data on observation of short-period internal waves on the northeastern shelf of the Black Sea in June 2018 are presented. The study area is distinguished by a narrow shelf with a sharp drop in depths, the bottom slope is 23°. The measurements were carried out from the stationary marine platform of The Institute of Ecology of the Academy of Sciences of the Abkhazian Republic, where the depth of the site reaches 13 m. An anchored station was installed, equipped with autonomous point temperature sensors at a depth of 52 m. At the platform, the variability of the sea temperature structure was monitored using point temperature sensors, an autonomous line temperature sensor (LTS), and vertical hourly profiling using a probe. In addition, coastal currents were measured by the acoustic Doppler current profiler ADCP equipped near the platform. As a result of the analysis, a frequent approach of near-inertial internal waves close to the coast was revealed. Trains of short-period internal waves and solitary waves related to the first mode, as well as individual manifestations of internal waves of the second mode, were recorded. Examples of observed waves and their parameters are given. During the entire observation period, internal waves with a period of 5–10 min and a height of 1–2 m were most often recorded. Solitary waves were distinguished by a large period and height. It was found that short-period internal waves at the measurement site are predominantly tied to near-inertial internal waves which approach the coast.


short-period internal waves, the Black Sea, shelf


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For citation: Khimchenko E.E., Serebryany A.N., Konukhova A.A. Short-period internal waves on the steep shelf of the Вlack sea in summer 2018. InterCarto. InterGIS. GI support of sustainable development of territories: Proceedings of the International conference. Moscow: MSU, Faculty of Geography, 2021. V. 27. Part 3. P. 98–107. DOI: 10.35595/2414-9179-2021-3-27-98-107 (in Russian)