Development of data collection system for monitoring the atmospheric air state in Krasnoyarsk region

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About the Author

Alexey A. Kadochnikov

Institute of Computational Modelling of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences,
Akademgorodok 50/44, 660036, Krasnoyarsk, Russia;


Air pollution is a threat to the natural environment and human health. In Russia, there is a federal monitoring system for atmospheric air, which provides its assessment for a number of characteristics, as well as provides a forecast and prescriptions for government. In Russia and in many European countries, in addition to monitoring the quality of atmospheric air carried out by federal organizations, public monitoring is also carried out by independent organizations and interested residents of settlements. public monitoring and the availability of simple air quality measurement tools in recent years has led to the emergence of an alternative network that provides accessible and more detailed data. The measurement results in a simplified form are available to a large number of peoples, which causes a wide resonance among the population in a number of regions of the country.

The paper considers the task of developing and supporting a specialized system for environmental monitoring of the state of the natural environment and resources, built on the basis of GIS technologies, the Internet, processing remote sensing data and data from stationary and mobile observation stations. Considerable attention is paid to web services and APIs. The problem of the formation of a geoinformation web-system for monitoring the state of the natural environment for the decision-making support system at the level of the Krasnoyarsk region is considered. An important role is played by the use of modern data visualization tools using GIS technologies. The main focus is on describing the problems and solutions associated with the development of web services and applications for such Internet systems.

The solution to the problem of collecting, processing and efficiently assessing data on air pollution is considered on the example of the Krasnoyarsk region and the city of Krasnoyarsk, which is included in the list of the most polluted cities in the country. however, the proposed solution can be used in other cities and regions.


GIS, web-services, monitoring system, atmospheric air, observation data.


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