Structure and information filling of the digital atlas of climate change of the Ural Region

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About the Authors

Rinat K. Abdullin

Perm State University,
Bukireva str., 15, 614990, Perm, Russia,

Andrey N. Shikhov

Perm State University,
Bukireva str., 15, 614990, Perm, Russia,

Andrey V. Tarasov

Perm State University,
Bukireva str., 15, 614990, Perm, Russia,


The paper presents the current state of the atlas mapping of climate change. It is shown, that the atlases of climate change are absent in Russia, but the modern web-GIS technologies provide the possibility of its creation and availability for many users. We present the structure and content of the developed atlas of climate change for the Ural region. The content of each section of the atlas is considered in details, including the description of datasets, which are used for the creation of maps. The main features of the atlas content are highlighted. They are the integration of several actual datasets of the current climate and climate changes; the detailed consideration of climatic extremes, and the creation of the maps of some destructive consequences and impacts of climate change. Some examples of the atlas content are presented, such as the maps of average and extreme values of climatic variables, their trends, and also the map of the weather-induced forest damage for long-term period (1984–2016), Some regional features of the trends of the studied climatic variables are described,

We present also the main features of the development of the Atlas information system with the use of web-GIS technologies. The proposed structure and content of the Atlas, the methods of mapping of climatic variables, and functionality of the Atlas information system can be used to develop the similar web-GIS and atlases in other regions of Russia.


climate change, digital Atlas, information filling, web-GIS technologies.


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