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About the Author

M.-J. Kraak

University of Twente-ITC
Russian Federation
President ICA


The content of an Origin and Destination matrix informs about the nature of movement and connectivity between locations. These could be point locations, like airports, or regions, like countries. The path of the flow can be known in detail (the path of an airplane) or only be abstract (migration between provinces). The type of movement or flow can be qualitative (different airline flying between two airports) or quantitative (the number of migrants between two countries), or both. Traditionally, this type of data is visualized in flow maps. In these maps flows are often represented by arrows of different colors and width to represent the flow between an origin and a destination.


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For citation: Kraak M. MOVEMENT DATA: ALTERNATIVE OD MATRIX VISUALIZATIONS. Proceedings of the International conference “InterCarto. InterGIS”. 2017;23(2):110-112.