DOI: 10.24057/2414-9179-2016-2-22-132-136

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About the Author

S. O. Antipov

North-Caucasian Federal University Institute of mathematics and natural Sciences
Russian Federation

Department of social and economic geography, geoinformatics and tourism, graduate student

 Stavropol, 355032, Russia


The article discusses the General approaches for monitoring tourist destinations on the basis of GIS-technologies. Great attention is paid to the possible development of apps to promote tourist areas. Again this article describes functional blocks of monitoring in GIS, and the possibility of modeling processes in tourism.


tourism destinations, in tourism GIS, GIS modeling, GIS monitoring, promotion of tourist destinations


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For citation: Antipov S.O. GEOINFORMATION MONITORING OF TOURIST DESTINATIONS. Proceedings of the International conference “InterCarto. InterGIS”. 2016;22(2):132–136 DOI: 10.24057/2414-9179-2016-2-22-132-136 (in Russian)