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About the Author

L. K. Radchenko

Siberian state University of geosystems and technologies
Russian Federation


Currently satellite navigation is firmly established in our lives. Every year thousands of new navigation solutions, products and services that make human life more comfortable and safe, provides new possibilities for development of business and industry, to ensure security in socio-economic practice, is determined by the development of scientific-methodological and methodological base navigation cartography. But the problem is that this digital navigation products are created for individual private requirements, without a common theoretical framework (framework). Therefore, the necessity of a theoretical substantiation section and navigation mapping.


navigation mapping, navigation functions and tasks of mapping, navigation map.


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For citation: Radchenko L.K. TO THE QUESTION OF THEORETICAL JUSTIFICATION NAVIGATION CARTOGRAPHY. Proceedings of the International conference “InterCarto. InterGIS”. 2016;22(1):249-252.