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About the Author

S. P. Evdokimov

Smolensk StateUniversity, Smolensk, Russia
Russian Federation


The article presents results of the study of the dynamics of changes in the geological environment and relief as the basic foundation of the landscape within the Smolensk region. It was carried out the synthesis and digitization of materials for the integrated study of the natural conditions with an assessment of their changes under the influence of human activities. Also it was used remote sensing and the landscape-indicator methods. The research is aimed at developing monitoring and prediction of the transformation of the geological environment and the using of agricultural land.


monitoring, forecast, geological environment, relief, land resources, anthropogenicpressures, geographicinformation systems, interpretation of satellite data, landscape, zoning.


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For citation: Evdokimov S.P. CARTOGRAPHIC ANALYSIS OF LAND-USE IN SMOLENSK REGION. Proceedings of the International conference “InterCarto. InterGIS”. 2015;21(1):67-73.