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About the Author

Abdul Barten

Danish Technical University, Kemitorvet, Bygning 204, 2800 Kgs. Lyngby, Danmark


Design of roads in Greenland (Arctic) length of 157 km between the cities of Sisimiut and Kangerlussuaq is carried out in difficult climatic and engineering-geological conditions in the presence of permafrost, which required an in-depth analysis and research. When designing the road along the pipeline route were carried out engineering and geological surveys, which included field geological, geophysical and other studies have also been conducted intelligence route from aerial photography, prepared digital elevation model of the earth's surface size of 2 km х170 km. using The program Novapoint created detailed geometric digital model of the route, the calculated amount of earthwork, built transverse and longitudinal profiles of the road. According to the results of all this work was to create a virtual model of the track, a film about the future road with use of GIS-technologies.


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For citation: Barten A. .. Proceedings of the International conference “InterCarto. InterGIS”. 2014;20:587-593.