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About the Authors

S. G. Pugacheva

Sternberg Astronomical Institute Moscow University, Moscow, Russia
Russian Federation

V. V. Shevchenko

Sternberg Astronomical Institute Moscow University, Moscow, Russia
Russian Federation


In article the basic geological and morphological features of a volcanic relief of a surface of a planet Mars are considered. The volcanic relief of a planet represents relic ancient shield volcanoes, linear forms of volcanic mountains, areal and central lava flooding, radial and concentric breaks. Results of researches of morphology of volcanic and tectonic formations of a relief of Mars are given in article. On materials of shooting of a surface of Mars spacecrafts constructed hypsometric high-rise profiles of volcanoes and average steepness of slopes are defined. The relative age of volcanoes and volcanic plains is estimated on density of shock craters.


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For citation: Pugacheva S.G., Shevchenko V.V. ANCIENT VOLCANOES AND TECTONIC STRUCTURES OF A RELIEF OF MARS. Proceedings of the International conference “InterCarto. InterGIS”. 2014;20:492-499.