Recreational zoning of Lesser Caucasus

DOI: 10.35595/2414-9179-2020-3-26-416-422

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Magsad G. Gojamanov

Baku State University,
Ak. Zakhid Khalilov str., 23, AZ 1148, Baku, Azerbaijan,

Ilhama A. Garibova

Baku State University,
Ak. Zakhid Khalilov str., 23, AZ 1148, Baku, Azerbaijan,

Andrey A. Smirnov

Moscow State University of Geodesy and Cartography,
Gorokhovsky lane, 4-1, 105064, Moscow, Russia,


In the article fundamental directions of mountain tourism development on the Lesser Caucasus are considered, for winter and summer rest attention is paid. Quantity of tourists rose early with the presence of different landscapes, hospitality of local residents and high level of perfection touristic infrastructure. A high sanative potential (combination of mineral and hot water resources and dense impassable forests on the steep hillsides), an availability of stable snow cover, an absence of strong winds in winter and a moderate summer ensure the successful and effective mountain tourism development in perspective. Apart from Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan are considered the part of the Lesser Caucasus on territories of Turkey. Despite the fact that problem of Mountain Karabakh has not been fully solved in our days, in this region tourism is possible. Different factors of tourism development (landscape-aesthetic, hydrological, glacial, orographic, factor of transport accessibility, ect.) are reviewed. The opportunities of enlargement mountain and coastal territories, an establishment of new health resorts and rest areas, the revival and improvement of old touristic objects are described. All types of mountain rest are characterized: mountaineering, climbing, sports and walking, speleological, sanative, water, walking and large-scale. The principal routes and very interesting objects are indicated for every rest variety. Nature protection areas and principal rules regulating visits them was described. The recommendations for solving interaction problems of recreation with other varieties of nature using are made. Mapping produce in ArcMap 10.3.

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mountain tourism, national park, transport availability, winter and summer vacation

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For citation: Gojamanov M.G., Garibova I.A., Smirnov А.A. Recreational zoning of Lesser Caucasus. InterCarto. InterGIS. GI support of sustainable development of territories: Proceedings of the International conference. Moscow: Moscow University Press, 2020. V. 26. Part 3. P. 416–422. DOI: 10.35595/2414-9179-2020-3-26-416-422